Looking for a shampoo that will give you the perfect results? You might be looking in the wrong place. All shampoos are not created equal. They each have their own unique set of ingredients and purposes. On this page, you can find shampoos for shiny hair, dandruff, colored hair, and more. Knowing which shampoo is right for you can make all the difference in your hair’s health and appearance. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of shampoos and what they do.


Some even refer to exfoliating shampoos as peels, as they help deeply cleanse the scalp and eliminate flakes. Salt, sugar, and other scrubbing particles of different sizes are added to their composition. As a rule, they dissolve upon contact with water, so there are almost no problems washing them out. It is ideal for people with oily scalp, but do not get carried away with them and use it once a week. Other skin types are also helpful, but much less often – for example, once every two to four weeks, depending on your regular cleansing.

deep cleansing shampoo

Deep cleansing

Everyone should use a deep cleansing shampoo because we often do not wash our hair correctly and do not think about what we put on our skin. Everyone wants healthy, beautiful hair. In this case, make it a rule to wash my head with this shampoo once or twice a month. Well-washing anionic surfactants (often SLES and SLS), sometimes acids, tea tree essential oil, clay, and menthol are added to its formula. That is why after washing, the scalp almost creaks from cleanliness. On the other hand, there is a basal volume and a feeling of freshness. But this shampoo is not suitable for frequent use, as it dries the hair.


Do you have curly and rebellious hair? In this case, you need a keratin-based shampoo. This substance is part of the natural composition of our hair, so when added topically in the form of cosmetics, it can help to restore the hair structure, give it Shine and make it obedient. Furthermore, this shampoo makes the curls more manageable, easier to comb, and more well-groomed.


In addition to milder surfactants, glycerin, aloe, and panthenol are added to moisturizing shampoos. These ingredients help the shampoo attract moisture and protect curly hair during washing. Shampoos containing these ingredients are much more gentle on the length of your hair and scalp than other shampoos. They also don’t cause fluffiness, which is why girls with curly hair love them so much.

For colored hair

Are you worried about your hair color fading? Then, you need shampoo for colored hair. As a rule, such funds contain silicones that create a protective layer on the surface of each strand. Thanks to this, the color does not wash out so quickly and evenly. In addition, shampoos for colored hair make the strands softer and more obedient.


These shampoos contain macadamia, avocado, shea butter, and other nourishing ingredients. They work softer and don’t dry out your hair. We even notice that the strands are smoother, which makes them look shinier and more lively. However, remember that these products only disguise imperfections, and damaged hair needs to be repaired with deep moisturizing.